The South

Alabama and Georgia


The warm climates and rich soils of the south create and enviroment that is good for growing crops. The southern states average around 60 inches (152cm) per year, however the yearly average rainfall decreases as you go farther west. The south is a place that contains many natural resources such as oil. Oil was first discovered in the south in Texas, where is still largely remains today. Another of the natural resources is the waterfalls and rapids along the fall line. People built textile mills near cotton farms, and there are still some textile mills that produce a variety of fabrics in the carolinas

Physical Features

The south has many physical features including the Appalachian Mountains, the Mississippi River, the Alabama River, the Ohio River, the Everglades, the Louisiana Bayou and many others. The South's many natural resources include oil, good farming soil, and an abundance of rivers.

Culture and Economics

The majority of the people of the south are from England, Scotland, Ireland, and Africa. Most are religious, especially the southern baptist convention. There is also strong pride in some of the southern states because they were part of the original 13 states. The south's the home of many automotive factories such as BMW, Toyota, and Nissan. Many banking companies have headquarters in the south. Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, The Home Depo, and Turner Broadcasting System have headquarters on Atlanta.


Population: 4,849,377

Alabama is in the Southeast region, between Mississippi and Georgia and Tennessee and the Gulf of Mexico. The highest point is Mount Cheaha, and the lowest point is The Gulf of Mexico. Alabama relies on a lot of farming for income.


Population: 10,097,343

Georgia in in the southeast region between Alabama and the Atlantic Ocean and Florida and South Carolina. the highest point is Brasstown Bald and the lowest point is the Atlantic Ocean. Georgia relies a lot on farming and mining for income.

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