Ancient Ghana affects todays world

By Connor Bennett

Ancient Ghana affects the modern world.

We use their standards of trade, their tactics of controlling countries around them, and like them we have a variety of people in our country.

The basics of Ghana's trade are still used many years later.

Trade has developed greatly in the past years, but the basics are pretty much the same. In the time since ancient Ghana traded its last good to now the ways we trade are the same, but the things we trade, and the way we get goods from one place to another are totally different. We still use supply and demand and we still use a form of silent barter. Although since we are more advanced instead of camels use planes and boats. Also instead of trading gold for salt we trade Chinese technology and lead products for american made goods. So trade is still mostly the same, but we have evolved.

many years later we are still using Ghana's tactics to keep enemies at bay.

Just like Ancient Ghana the US uses their superior man power and weapons to control countries around them. since the US and Ghana have a lot of man power they were and are able to subdue their enemy. Also since they had iron tipped spears they were able to demolish an enemy without substantial damage to their army. In the same way the US uses its superior technology to create nuclear weapons that destroy any opposing force. So over all the only differencebetween the two princaples is the technology .

The US just like Ghana had many different cultures, languages spoken, and tribes within the country.

The people in Ghana and the US vary a lot. there are many cultures in Ghana like Muslim, and many others. They also speak many languages like in the US. In the US there are lots of cultures, but unlike in Ghana there is a lot more cultures, and languages and they are from all around the world. the two countries are same in variety, but the US has a lot more of it.