Things To Do Over The Summer

Summer 2k16


There are a lot of fun things to do in the summer. Some of those activities would be Fishing, camp, swim, and campfires. My friends and family do all of these things. If you haven't you should try because its fun.
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We mostly fish in the summer. Almost everyday we are out by the water. I love to go fishing.

There are all kinds of places to go fishing around here. The river,lake,creek or just about anywhere with water. There are all kinds of fish.


Swimmimg is probably one of the most famous summer activities there are. But around here we like to go swimmimg in the creek.

We like to go floating on the river too. We go almost every year.


Everybody has campfires. You couldnt go 2 miles probably in the summer and not see a fire.

People just like to be around their friends and have good times. It is pretty fun.


You wouldn't believe how many places there are to camp. They are all over!

My parents used to go camping all the time. So did my grandparents.

Here arwe some places to look

Indiana Beach

India Beach is an amusement park. If you are from around here i would almost gaurentuee you have been.

Its got all kinds of cool rides. Its even got a water park. It is right by the lake so when you are on your boat you can pull up and get tacos from the taco stand.

Check it out here!