The Blowout of 1800

(The Trash Man) John (Vladimir) Adams

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Real photo taken of John (Vladimir) Adams, at age 290, later that day he died of explosive diarrhea.

Does John Adams really want freedom? Is he even a good example of a federalist?!

John (Vladimir) Adams did some bad things in his last presidency and we cannot forget it. Thomas Jefferson and other people from the Republican party criticized Adams foreign, defense, and internal security policies. therefore, he passed the Alien and Sedition Acts which displayed another form of taxation without representation and limiting individual right. What a rude dude. John Adams is just bad news for America and Americans need to realize that. Federalism is not the way to go, leave the power to the people. We don't need a strong central government, it will only restrict more of our rights. He's also not even a good federalist, he went against the first amendment, out of all the amendments he picked to first to break.
The John Adams Song

Some of the good things John (Vladimir) Adams did and so on.

Vote For Thomas Jefferson

He's the only guy around that will stand up for Americas individual rights. Jefferson is looking at a brighter future for America and he wants Fellow Americans to join him on this ride. Why not vote for the man that helped found our freedom, get right America.