By: Benjamin and Jason

What is soil?

Soil is the upper layer of earth in which plants grow, a black or dark brown material consisting of a mixture of organic remains, clay, and rock particles.

Soil facts

Soil comes from broken rocks, dead leaves, tree limbs and dead bugs. Other types of soils are mud, sand and clay. Most soils are burnable but it takes a long time. Soil can turn to sand if the soil is in a dry area and turn into back into soil by adding lots of water. Finally the colour of the soil is based on what material is it made by, an example is if the soil is made by broken rocks the soil would be a lighter colour and how much water it gets.

Interesting fact that you might already know

Earthworms or any worms eat soils for their daily diet.

Why do plants grow in soil?

Plants grow in soil due to 4 things which soil provides, oxygen, water, temperature modification and nutrients.

Oxygen- Soil provides plants with oxygen by the air between the soil.

Water- There is also water in between the soil which is given to the plant through the roots.

Temperature modification- There isn't much space in soil and everything is squeezed and no much heat can get in so it make the roots at the right temperature.

Nutrients- Soil already supply nutrients for the plant but it stores nutrients from fertiliser you add.

Genius question

Our genius question is 'Is soil going to disappear from earth?'
The answer to our genius question has 2 possible answers:

-When the sun explodes is a way where soil can disappear

- If all the thing which makes soil die out and we burn all the soil is a way how soil can disappear which won't probably happen because almost everyone knows we need soil to survive

Pop Quiz

1. What are two thing that make soil?

2. What is 1 reason why plants grow in soil?

3. How many layers are soil in the ground?

Answer to the pop quiz

1. Either broken rock, dead leaves, tree limbs and dead bugs.

2. Either oxygen, water, temperature modification and nutrients.

3. Three layers in the ground is soil.