Francesco Primaticcio

1504 - 1570


Born- April 30, 1504 in Bologna, Italy

Died-1570 Paris, France

Spent most of time being assistant to Giulio Romano, working on the fresco Palazzo del Tè in Mantua, and also being a lifetime painter in Fontainebleu for King Francis I.

Educated being an Italian Mannerist painter, architect, sculpter and leader of first team in Fontainebleu.

Lifestyle consisted of being a full time stucco and mural painter. After completing many works of art he became one of most principle artist in France.

Mr.Primaticcio had no patrons although he did work for the King full time. Humanism doesn't apply to Francesco because his paintings have supernatural views on things such as god in one of his paintings. Also skeptisism may apply due to the fact that we do not know if he questioning the religious beliefs at the time or not because he is still painting about them.


Most of the drawings created by Francesco consisted of stucco murals such as the "Centaur and Lapith" (First), "Vulcan at his Forge" (Second), and the "Study of God" (Last). The buildings designed by Francesco have only been recorded in drawings that have survived, other than the drawings all buildings have been destroyed.

Ceiling Decoration of Palazzo del Tè

This ceiling decoration really caught my mind. If you look at the detailed picture of this ceiling, you can see that all the little black squares are all really different paintings pur together to create one big mural. This piece was created in 1531 and is located on the ceiling of Camera degli Stucchi, Palazzo del Te, Mantua.

Artwork and the "Isms"

This piece of art really reflects on the Capitalism part of artwork. This piece was commisoned by King Francis I and was meant to be sort of a show off for the palace in a certain way.