Mrs. Anderson's Newsletter

ISTEP and IREAD Testing

Next week we will be administering our first round of ISTEP tests and the following week we will have the IREAD test. Our schedule is as follows:

3rd Grade:

Wednesday, 3/2 (Math)

Thursday, 3/3 (ELA 1)

Friday, 3/4 (ELA 2a & 2b)

Thursday, 3/10 (IREAD-3 Practice Tests) - online

Tuesday, 3/15 (IREAD-3 Test) - online

Please try to be sure your child gets a good night's sleep each night and a good breakfast each morning. Also, please try to not schedule any doctor appointments or vacations during this time. The kids do better on the test when taking it with their class and their teacher, rather than at a make-up time with a different proctor and group of kids.

I will be giving out the letters you have written to your child on Thursday morning, when we have our first test together as a homeroom. (Math kids test with their math teachers.) If you have not written a letter yet, it is not too late! Please send them by Wednesday.

Read Across America Day

National Read Across America day is Wednesday, March 2nd. It is held annually on Dr. Seuss's birthday. If your child has a Dr. Seuss shirt or wants to dress up like one of his characters, please do! They can wear a hat like the Cat in the Hat or dress up like Thing 1 or Thing 2, or some other character. We will have some Dr. Seuss fun in the afternoon. :) If anyone would like to bring in a Dr. Seuss themed treat of some kind, let me know!

Community Building Project Reminder

All of the third grade classrooms will be completing a building project to display at the third grade open house on April 21st. We will also add a presentation component for our classroom. Here are the specifics of the building:
  • The base of the project should not be over 18 inches by 18 inches. The height of the project should not be over 18 inches.
  • The projects need to be self-standing
  • They can be made out of any type of boxes, cardboard, paper, etc...
  • You need to bring two little action figures/characters to populate our community

Here are the specifics for the oral presentation for our classroom:

  • Tell about what your building is and where it is located
  • Why is it important for a community to have this building?
  • What did you use to make your building?
  • Why did you choose your building to share?

We will present these the first week of April. I will let kids pick the day they present this time.