Duke Ellington

One of the greatest musicians of the Jazz Age

Duke Ellington

Who is Duke Ellington?

Duke Ellington was a famous musician and composer who was born April 29, 1899 in Washington D.C. to two musically talented parents. Ellington began learning to play the piano when he was seven. He was given the name Duke because of his gentlemanly ways. At just seventeen Ellington started performing professionally. Ellington performed in Broadway nightclubs in the 1920's as part of a sextet, which later became a group of ten musicians. Ellington began composing, and at 23 began performing with his band at Harlem's Cotton Club (a whites only nightclub in Harlem, New York). This gave him access to larger crowds. Duke Ellington's revolutionary music affected the lives of millions by creating what we call jazz today.
Duke Ellington - Black and Tan Fantasy
Black and Tan Fantasy is an example of Duke Ellington's jazz work in the late 20s. A black and tan was actually the name for a nightclub where black and white people could mingle. The Cotton Club (where he often performed) was not a black and tan.

Buju Banton

Similarities and differences between Buju Banton and Duke Ellington

Buju Banton was born on July 15, 1973. Like Ellington Banton began his music career quite early. Banton was born into a poor family. Ellington's family was middle class. Banton began deejaying at the age of twelve. Like Ellington, Banton's music has meaning, he sings about AIDS, poverty and other problems around the world, especially problems affecting his home country, Jamaica. Banton's music has affected many people's lives and raised awareness about things people normally would not think about. Banton makes dance hall music. Ellington made jazz music. Buju was recently sentenced to prison for cocaine abuse. Ellington had a crime-less life. Banton's great works have made a difference for his country.
Buju banton murderer
Murderer by Buju Banton talks about how horrible it is to take someones life. This is a significant piece of his work because it is a song that can change lives. He talks about how murder is something that will never be forgotten and how you will have no way to clean your hand afterward.