Should College Athletes be Paid

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So, should college athletes get paid?

Yes, college athletes should get paid because they work really hard year round, they do product endorsements and they bring publicity to their college.

Hard Work

Hard work is necessary to be a good athlete. To be a good Athlete it is necessary to train hard and be committed. The athlete that play in the NCAA are obviously committed because if they weren't then they wouldn't want to get this far. But coaches in the NCAA are taking it really far, hard work and not a lot of time for school and they get bad grad. So this is why I think if they are getting pushed then they should get paid and it is like high school you play the games just to play the games. For feather information go to


You always see during march-madness all of the big college athletes in commercials, but do they get paid? Athletes that do commericals to advertise a lot of things, most of the money goes to the school and that is how they can afored things. I think that the college althletes should get paid a little for that to. For more information go to.

Free Publicity to the University

NCAA athletes play a lot of games per season but do they get paid. No they do not get paid, if they win then it brings a lot of publicity to the school, yea they get free shoes and equipment but they do not have money for back up things. I think that they should get paid they are not in the minor leagues they are almost in the major league so they need to start getting a salary somewhere and basketball is the only job that they have right now.

A Question That is Asked a lot

The question that is asked a lot is how much will the college athletes be paid. The price is not determined yet but it will be a lot less then what they pay in the pros.

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