Mrs. Sgorrano's Newsletter

For the week of October 22-27

A preview of the week.


Innisbrook orders can be picked up (please notify front office if you need to still pick it up.)

Thank you so much for all of your support with the field trip. It was so much fun to see the students having such a great time.

Here is our work for the week, it is subject to change of course.

ELA this week: The students will be working both at home and in school on researching an issue that they chose last week. They will then choose a platform for their issue and defend it through writing, technology, and a speech. The students will read and take notes on multiple scholarly articles, write an opinion based essay, use the technology of this newsletter (SMORE) and then present the information to their peers in the form of a speech.. We will use the school IPAD's to take notes, paper and pencil notes and join them together for a draft. They may have to have access to the internet to read the artices that have been chosen for them for homework. The articles can be found on Mrs. Jones' website at the moment and mine by the end of the week.

Math: There will be a worksheet each night. Our Mentoring Mathematical Minds Unit will be completed next week. Sunshine Math is due Wednesday.

Science: We are finishing up our unit on Living Things and Animals this week. The students will have a Unit test on Thursday.

Social Studies: The students will finish our unit on the Exploreres this week. They will have an open book test on Friday. They will also have homework this week on Monday. Newspapers will be due next Friday