Electromagnetic Spectrum: Radio Waves

Video Explaining Radio Waves

Four Uses Of Radio Waves

The four uses of radio waves I found would be in an AM and FM radio,wireless Internet,cell phones,and television.

Examples of Objects That Use RadioWaves

Xandem Technology that uses Radio Waves Monitors Movement???

This technology utilizes radio waves that are used in a mesh array with other radio waves to show a signal in movement and monitor it and determine where someone or something is located.

The materials/instruments used is a device called a node which gives off a radio wave in an array of other nodes to create a mesh full of cross linking radio waves to create a secure grid in a given area.

(The picture to the right shows a set up array of nodes)

The impact of the technology is huge as it can be used as a security system for businesses and in homes.This means if a crime were to take place or an intruder entered a building with this you could tell exactly where they are or were.

The discovery of this technology was made by, Xandem Technology.The technology became reality in the year 2014 ,the same year it was discovered.

The Node Itself!

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