8-2 Pioneers

4/3/17- Newsletter

8th Grade Dance Money Due

Please remember to send in the 15 dollars for the end of year dance and t-shirt. The deadline was March 31st. However, we will continue to take them for the remainder of this week.

Picture Packets

If you received a picture packet, please remember they are due this Friday. You must send the packet back if you are not purchasing the pictures.

Please note not every kid received pictures. The only studnets who received a packet were the ones who attended Salem in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.


Many of the Pioneers have been abusing the BYOD policy lately. Therefore, we will not be using BYOD for the next several weeks except for on test/quiz day. If we see your student with their phone out during this time we will take it. The student will get the phone back at the end of class unless it becomes a recurring problem. If it becomes a recurring problem you will have to come pick it up after school.

Good Article Reccomended by Ms. Hofmann

The First Cell Phone: Rules for Responsibility

Reminder no school on April 14th.