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Egyptian citizens outcry over new rule made by pharaoh!

Well it's official. This day on 1370 B.C, our recent pharaoh, King Amenhotep IV has caused great outcry over the Egyptian citizens with his new law. But what is this law you ask? The Egyptian people are known for their many gods (such as Anubis the god of the Dead and Osiris the god of Agriculture) but now, the pharaoh has limited it to only 1!!! The gods name is Aton and Egyptian people are NOT happy. "Our empire is just going to destroy itself" said a local merchant when asked by reporters about the subject. Is Egypt going to fall to pieces? We'll just have to wait and see.

Past Pharaohs

Which rulers were classified as "good Pharaohs"?

Most Egyptians agree that the pre-Amenhotep pharaohs were the best of our era. So who ARE these kings getting all the attention? Let's find out!

Hatshepsut: Ruling from 1473 B.C - 1458 B.C, Hatshepsut was one of the only female pharaohs in Egypt. She was very boastful, calling herself "exceedingly good to look upon". Although, one of the most unique features that Hatshepsut had is that he liked to trade rather then conquer (which is probably why everyone loves her so much),

King Thutmose III: After overthrowing his step-mother, Hatshepsut, Thutmose III threw her strategy of ruling Egypt out of the window. Ruthless and tactical, Thutmose III was able to expand Egypt's borders north in to Mesopotamia. During his rule, he was also able to take back the Egyptian city of Nubia, which had broken free from Egypt earlier. Thutmose III was the complete OPPOSITE of his step-mother.

King Khufu: Arguably the most important pharaoh, King Khufu made one of the most crucial events in Egyptian history happen. He ordered the building of the Great Pyramids of Giza (a famous Egyptian landmark)! The Great Pyramids of Giza were originally used to store dead pharaohs in their tombs and to help them with there journey to life after death.

These pharaohs were sure great rulers, but that doesn't stop some people to think that our government is corrupt and evil. Do you agree with those people?


  • Meteorologist Ted Jim-Jom has reported that a terrible DUST STORM is to strike Northern Egypt this afternoon! People are baffled that their great god of the sun, Ra, has spite them with this terrible storm. "Maybe we didn't pray enough" says farmer Billy Bob. We don't know WHY our gods and goddesses have disobeyed us like this, although Egypt's climate is typically like this, dusty and hot. Not only is this bad for citizens, it's also terrible for their farms. You see, our current farmers use a technique called irrigation where they apply water to their dirt and soil. They do this by digging ditches so that the water will run into their gardens. But with a huge dust storm coming for their gardens, it could be disastrous. This storm could also contaminate the water of the Nile River and turn it into a giant mud pile. Weather officials urge you to stay inside until further notice this afternoon.


Are Slaves getting more popularity in the sports industry?

A couple days ago, The Furious Pharaohs beat the Monster Mesopotamians in a javelin throwing contest. Now, that doesn't sound like big news until you take into account that a SLAVE was playing on The Furious Pharaohs. That's right, slave Rebecca Beccanson was competing against the Mesopotamians in a javelin throwing contest. Heck, she scored THREE goals for her team. So why is this such a controversial subject in the sports industry? Well, Rebecca is a part of a class of Egyptian people where they are not aloud to participate in a lot of activities and are not treated fairly. There are three social classes in Egypt: "The Upper Class", "Middle Class", and "Lower Class" ( The class Rebecca is apart of). "The Upper Class" consists of priests, priestesses, and of course, Pharaohs. "The Middle Class" is made up of farmers, traders, and other people who control resources. "The Lower Class" has slaves like Rebecca. King Amenhotep IV was actually going to DISQUALIFY Rebecca because she was a slave but a mob of people stormed the palace demanding the Rebecca stay in the league. Right now, Rebecca is still throwing javelins but we don't know for how long. What are your opinions on this subject?

Economy Corner

Why is Trading important?

Trading. It is one of the most crucial reasons Egypt is still around today. But does that mean we HAD to trade to survive. Remarkably, 55% of Egyptians say that we could have survived without trading. Personally, I'm apart of the other 45%. So I am here to show you all that trading is one of the BEST ways we were able to get into power in the first place. First, we have a lot more natural resources than you think. Don't forget that we created\discovered, the shadoof (a machine used to scoop up water from the Nile River), papyrus (a plant used to make paper), and mummification (the process of mummifying our dead). I am certain that at least ONE of those inventions is worth trading for. Although, as much as we are able to trade for, we need a lot of resources that we need to survive. Food is an amazing part of life but when irrigation fails, we have almost nothing to eat and that's where trading comes in. These are all reasons that trading was a crucial part of Egyptian civilization's survival.

Ra the Sun God

We all know here in Egypt that if you do something bad, our gods and goddesses will punish us. But do you know who the most famous god/goddess there is? Of course I'm talking about Ra the Sun God! But how much do you really know about Ra? Let's find out!

In the beginning, Ra created Egypt and made it the place we know today. He controlled all parts of the created world, the sky, earth, and the underworld. Ra is usually associated with having the head of a hawk or falcon. He is also depicted sailing around the heavens in a boat. The hawk-headed deity is also seen to like fusing with a lot of people. In old Egyptian dynasty times, Ra fused with the god Horus and was known as Ra-Horakhty. Later in The New Kingdom, Ra merged with a god named Amun and became known as Amun-Ra. Ra's supporters are known as "The Cattle of Ra". Ra has also been heard of having a connection with people. Priests and priestesses are depicted with having a very strong relationship with Ra and other gods. Pharaohs are actually thought of being the "family of Ra".

Now you know a few facts about the most popular and powerful Egyptian god.

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Day In The Live of an Egyptian

For all you "outsiders" here is what living here in Egypt is like for our citizens. Let's just call our person "Lilly". Lilly wakes up and is ready for the day that is ahead. She gets washed and then gets dressed in her dress and her jewelry then prepares for breakfast. Today, it's bread and wine. Lilly finishes her meal and walks out of her mud brick house, ready to head to her job, farming. Scooping up water from the Nile with her shadoof, Lilly begins to water her crops. After working almost all day, Lilly heads back home and prepares dinner for herself and her pet lion, Fluffy. For supper, Lilly makes some salad with the crops that she was able to farm. Finally at 9:00 pm, Lilly falls asleep on her bed and dreams about what adventures she will encounter in the morning.

That is how a modern Egyptian citizen would live out their lives.

The Truth About the Nile River

The Nile River is one of (if not THE) best resources in Egypt. It provides water for crops, transportation, and just for drinking. Also sense it's right next to Egypt, it is a resource that only WE can access. It's hard to lie that the Nile River AMAZING. But as of recently, it has been a pretty hot subject. Researcher John Johnson came out with a new study that the Nile River has gotten 75% more polluted in the past 100 years! John tells Egyptian officials that the Nile River is the best resource us Egyptians have and that we should respect it more or else the water we use could be contaminated. The Nile River also grows the plant papyrus, a plant to make paper, so we could run out of that, too. What John is trying to say is that we should stop disrespecting the river or we could just kiss it goodbye.

Wrapping Up

Well, that's the end of our news report for this week. In this single newsletter you learned that pharaohs are one of the most loved (yet one of the most hated) people in Egypt, the weather in Egypt could mean great terror for peoples farms and irrigation, the lowest social class can be respected too, trading is one of the most important techniques we have, why are gods and goddess's are great, and how the Nile River is the best resource available to Egypt. To another week, goodbye my Egyptian friends.