The Road To Perseverance

Matthew Havlin

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is the ability to overcome hardship. Also having the strength to deal with the difficulties and not falter on your way to reaching your goals.

Some like the Two Brothers have others to help them get through adversities in their lives. Not everyone has that support system. Some people have more resilience then others to get through hardships they face. It all about the character of the person, and the people they surround themselves with.

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Two Brothers

The to men Leroy and Dartanyon have gone through many adversities and have had to rely on each other to help each other out. Leroy lost his arm in a freak train accident and Dartanyon had an abusive father and is partially blind. Because of these adversities, the had to triumph over them and that is how they met. Some effects of this is that their lives improves and Dartanyon went to the Olympics. Leroy was able to start a family

Jackie Robinson's Life

The first in history of African Americans playing baseball was in the late 18oo’s when only two players were in the major leagues. Then in 1945 Branch Rickey’s scouts started to tell him about a great talent whose name was Jackie Robinson. The only problem was that he was a African american and would be mistreated by many people if he played in the major leagues. Two months later though Jackie signed with the Dodgers farm league. On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson played his first game for the Dodgers. At the same time he broke the color barrier. For the next ten seasons he had to face judgment by many people but he had a great career as a Rookie of the Year and a Major League MVP. After his career he would go on to be a civil rights activist and work for social reform. Finally Jackie Robinson died of heart complications.

The Typewriter Artist

Paul Smith is an artist with an extraordinary disability, but even that does not hold him back. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy with limits his movements and speech. Even with that adversity in his way he still manages to create artwork with only a couple of different symbols, on a typewriter. Paul remembers places he has lived or has visited as inspiration. He is a brave person and doesn’t complain about his disability. He accepts the facts and keeps creating artwork. Paul still needs help at his residence and a nursing home and with family. He is glad so many people appreciate his artwork. Paul says he would always put family/friends over his work because he cares and loves them. I believe one of Paul's greatest characteristics is his compassion for others and his pride in his artwork. He has a character trait of caring and strength. Paul uses these traits to triumph over the struggles he has face in his life.

What Can We Learn?

One thing we can learn is that it takes a certain type of resolve to get to your goals. Jackie Robinson was an eloquent and noble person to get through the racial injustice he faced over his career. Also he had to think carefully about what he was about to say because he may have had much backlash and retaliation. Steve Gleason was a former Saints player who had his life torn away by ALS. But he had a great strength within him and he made the best of what he had. We can learn that you can not triumph over your adversities if you yield to them.