comparing modern literature to Greek mythology


Lies is the third book in the Gone series. The story takes place in Perdido Beach California. Everyone over the age of fifteen has disappeared and a force field has trapped all the kids in the city and some kids have gained powers. The story is about Sam temple and the other kids trying to survive.


Sam is the protagonist. He is the former leader and tries to defend the town.

Astrid Sams girl friend and, smart and tries to keep things in order

Drake an antagonist who is evil, savage and is quick to kill people

Caine Sams brother, has conflicts with Sam a lot. Manipulates people to get what he wants

Connection #1

One connection I made with my book and a Greek myth was the part in Cupid and Psyche were Psyche has to go out into a field of man eating sheep to get their wool. It reminded me of how in Lies, in the vegetable fields, There are killer mutant worms. The characters in the story have to bait the worms so they can get to the vegetables.

connection #2

Another connection I made was one of the characters in the story reminded me of Heracles. A character named Jack has super strength. Heracles has super human strength too. They both use they're strength to they're advantage.

connection #3

Another connection I made was one character reminded me of an oracle. In Greek myths oracles are people that have visions and can tell the future and tell the stories hero what they have to do. The Character Orsay has the power to go into peoples dreams in the outside world and has visions. She reminded me of what am oracle does.

Connection #4

In Lies some of the kids develop powers, Sam can shoot light out of his hands that burns what it touches, Caine has telekinesis. That reminded me of demi gods in Greeks myths. Demi god are the children of gods and they hev powers like gods.


Lies is great story. There is a lot of action and mystery that will keep you reading. You get to read from the point of view from many different characters from the protagonists to the antagonists. I think that anyone would like this book and I recommend it to anyone


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