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TCEA 2014 Conference

Each year I have the privilege of attending a conference in Austin - Texas Computer Education Association which is attended by many educators from around the Nation. At the end of the conference I marvel at the information I have gained and wonder how the following year can top its greatness. This year was no exception. As a bonus SSISD took several educators and administrators. What a great time was had by all.

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TCEA did not disappoint me this year. I have more apps and websites to share with you after Spring Break. If you need more before then, please grab me!

One thing that I do want to share that I heard over and over during the week. When we give a child a device, don't use the word "play" use words like explore, discover, create, teach, learn, and invent. You can have a device that is just for educational games, but not the one the students use for the learning process. I thought that was worth sharing!