The Oregon Trail

Traveling the Trail

When pioneers were traveling many fears were faced

  • Pioneers could only travel a little bit per day, and most trips across the mountains took several weeks.

  • The most feared disease was smallpox. Normally children or old people got the disease the most. Other common disease's for children were whooping cough, diphtheria, and scarlet fever.

  • Indians attack yours or other wagon trains.

Pioneers also had a lot of challenges

    • When the pioneers were packing they needed to make sure to pack as much water as they will need. Also a lot of pioneers did not remember to bring a lot so they ended up dying.

    • When they packed food a lot of it would spoil because there was no refrigeraters.
    • A big challenge was crossing rivers because sometimes your wagon train fliped over and everything on it would be gone. Sometimes people would dround to.

Daily Duties

    • A lot of unpleasent tasks came to women like feeding their families, and forced to create a meal out of little but stale biscuits and maggot-infested bacon.

    • Many kids herded animals and milked cows.

    • An important job was fetching water, and gatering firewood and beffalo chips.