Summer in Sumer


Top Ten Inventions this Summer!

1.The Wheel- this new invention helps us travel today! It is used to transport chariots with ease!

2.Sun-dried bricks-a helpful object used to build ziggurats and other buildings

3.The Sailboat- used to transport expensive items to different city-states

4.Lyre- glorious music began to be played through this instrument

5.Cuneiform- this form of writing is still being used and it is wedge-shaped

6.Checkers- this fun game can be played anywhere at anytime; it involves two players

7.Chariot- this new vehicle is increasing the safety of soldiers in skirmishes or battles

8.Pottery- beautiful vases, pots, pans, and silverware are now overflowing in houses that love a sense of style

9.Battle figurines- young boys love these new figurines and play with them every hour of every day!

10.Plow- pulled by oxen; these instruments help quicken the growth of crops

The Major Drought

A major drought has starved several people because the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers surrounding us are not flooding as we have asked the gods. Crops are drying out and most of our close friends and family are famished! Help us hunt the animals remaining to help feed the new king and other families! Time is running out!

Best Seller!

The Epic of Gilgamesh has been the best seller in Sumer since the start of this brutal summer. Reading has helped several people cope with this terrible summer because reading involves imagining a world greater than ours. If you need some happiness, buy the Epic of Gilgamesh today, and we will include a signature by our omnipotent king, Gilgamesh! All it costs is ten bushels of barley!

Sixty is Nifty!

Have you ever wondered much about the number sixty? Well, scientists here have recently developed the stupendous idea of having the number sixty as a base of time and arithmetic!

Needing Volunteers!

Did you love your previous king! Well, I know I did! If you want a chance to serve your king in the afterlife, meet me at the cave nearest to the Tigris River. You will be given the most magnificent jewelry made with the most precious and valuable gems. Also, you will be given the sweetest wine you have ever tasted. This wine will be made with a poison, so you will drift away to heaven alongside with your previous king. He shall be forever grateful!

The Pressures of Being Gilgamesh

I earlier interviewed Gilgamesh about the pressures of being the most powerful king of all time. Gilgamesh stated, "The gods placed me on thy planet to give as respected to receive. This is a strain I am wishing I can contain for the people of my city-state. It is difficult being thought as the most powerful person on earth. Why can't I be treated as a regular citizen?" Hear this fellow friends, stop stressing out this poor man!

Painting the Town Ziggurat

Artists, do you want to praise the gods watching over you and your king who loves you so much? Well, then you should help paint the town ziggurat. The pay is six bushels of wheat and the chance to say that you are a part of history here in Sumer. Your fantastic artistic abilities are needed!

Young Scribes Need Fun, too!

Is your young scribe lonely and gloomy? Well, a new toy car has been invented to make them feel as if the whole weight of the world is not on their shoulders. Do you want to include some happiness in your son's life? Knock on the door on the house to the left of our town ziggurat. Come soon! If you need to be sent a donkey for rental, it is another three bushels of wheat including the cost of water for the donkey.

Help is Needed to Save Sumer!

Word just got in that the Amorites are going to raid Sumer! We need to muster at least 1,000 men to fight in this battle because if we do not work together, Sumer may cease to exist. Keep your children and wives inside at all times and pray that Sumer is not coming to an end soon...

The Magical Music of the Lyre

Do you love music? You should listen to the latest stylings of Rag Tag Shag Shag.

The Sumerian Silver Lyre