Natalie Ann, My Life

by Natalie Hodges

A Summary of Me

My Personality

How My Brain Works

I am 1% right brained, which means that I am not as good at art and being creative.

I am 56% left brained, which means that I prefer structure and being told exactly what to do in oder to accomplish a task.

What Color Are You?

I am green. I prefer structure, instruction, and order. I am not as creative as some people, but I make up for it in other ways. I would much rather memorize facts than try and paint a picture.

Junior High at WJHS

The Mysteries of High School

As a Freshman

In my first year of high school I will take all of the core classes that are required as well as band and choir. Because history and science are not required for all of your years in high school, I want to get them out of the way in my first few years, so that I can do more things that I enjoy later.

As a Sophmore

In my second year of high school I will take several advanced classes that will allow me to complete several college credits. Even though I will only be a sophmore, it is never to early to get ahead. I will strive to excel and not participate in "The Sophmore Slump".

As a Junior

In my third year of high school I will be taking mostly college level classes, as well as choir. I will take advanced classes in English, Math, and Science. Even though I will not be in band, I will not stop playing my clarinet.

As a Senior

In my last year of high school I will be taking classes that will help me with my career. I will also look for a part time job in a law office, so that I can get experience in the field that I am interested in. I will do as many things as I can to better myself in my field of study, which is law. I plan on taking at least one debate class. I will also round out my schedule with classes that I enjoy.


University of Arkansas

I would be attending the University of Arkansas for seven years. Four years of that would be to get my bachelors degree, and then the final three years would be for law school. CLICK HERE to go to the University of Arkansas' website.

The First 4 Years

In order to become a lawyer, there is not one specific major that is required. One of the highest recomended degrees is a business degree. A business degree will enable me to have a wide variety of options, that can facilitate my success in the workplace. Further, I intend to be involved in extra circular activities such as debate club, student government, and intramural team sports. These activities will compliment my formal education.

The Home Stretch

My final 3 years of higher education will be spent attending law school, where I will earn my Juris Doctorate Degree. There, I will initially learn about contract law,property law,and business law. Further, I will study procedures to learn how to file, and plead a case. During my final year of law school, I will focus on corporate law. I hope to learn about how justice is served not only in this state, but in this country that we are proud to call our home.
Arkansas Fight Song - Arkansas vs. LSU 2010

Later In Life...

After I finish all of my schooling, I would like to become either a Patent Attorney or a Juvenile Prosecutor. But Either way I go, I want to help improve the world, one case at a time.