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By: Disha K.

Exclusive Interview with Jenna Fox

Hi! Today we have a very special person. This girl is one of the people who has managed to change the FSEB's rules everyone, please welcome Jenna Angeline Fox.

CT: How did you feel after coming out of coma not remembering anyone?

JF: Honestly speaking, I was scared. I mean I looked at these people who are apparently me "Mother" and "Father" and I am supposed to love them. I mean how do I re-develop feelings for someone you don't know. I needed someone I remember to help me through these hardships. No one was there.

CT: As you went on remembering stuff,how did you feel about Lily?
JF: I didn't like Lily at the beginning. She was mean, stubborn,rude and never talked to me. As time went on, I figured out why she hated me and tried to make it better. It didn't work and sometimes, I would make it worse. Soon, she was less mean and actually cared a bit about me.

CT: Did you ever think that Ethan might spill you're secret?

JF: Yes But only once. I mean he is my love and I did trust him with all my secrets and everything. When we were young and I first told him, he looked like he would tell someone so I thought that telling him was a bad idea. But he kept his secret and never told a soul.

CT: Were you mad at your parents when the "secret" spilled?

JF: Why, yes! I was shocked,disturbed,and raging with anger because who would keep such a secret from their own child. I remember when I came down with a small blood stain and my hand covered with Blue Goo. It was horrific to remember that 90% of me is not my own skin,lungs, and everything else. Only 10% is what they could save. 10% that's from my past life. They knew what they did was wrong and didn't deny it. But even after that, they still kept so many secrets from me.

CT: What did you think of Mr.Bender?

JF: First, I thought he was a weird person but then I got to know him and better. He was actually a very nice person. He cared so much about me. Mr.Bender was my first friend. I made others but he was an adult and knew how I felt. I was glad that I didn't have a strange person living near me.

CT: What were your feeling and emotions when you read the news article about Kara and Locke?

JF: Well, I felt sad,discouraged. I let the, go when I could've saved them. They could have been with me right now,laughing,and skipping school. Though they will always remain in my heart. I felt as if the world just froze and the room was spinning. It was a big shocker. I mean how could I leave my friends in such a condition and not remember. It drove me crazy whenever the topic came. I knew it wasn't my fault,but I could've saved them from dying.

CT: How would you describe Dane when you first met him and when you got to know him better?

JF: When I first met him,he looked like a nice person. He was weird but handsome. We didn't talk that much and he always tried to get my attention. Even in the beginning, something was wrong with him. After spending time with them, I established that Dane is a dork. He was mean and apparently liked me. He was always trying to get Ethan mad or get rid of him, he still was extremely abnormal.

CT: Did you ever think that Ally's would keep your secret?

JF: No, she didn't look very trustworthy when she found out. I think since she was with the FSEB, she was against people like me. I honestly wasn't that she found put. I was just afraid that she would go tell someone and they would come and find me. She did that all right. She went and told her parents to report me.

CT: Did you ever feel you could trust someone with your secret?

JF: I felt that if Kara and Locke were here, they would know all the secrets in my life including this one. I also thought I could trust Ethan because he was my true love and he looked like an honest trustworthy person. I was right. He didn't tell anything until he lived. Ally's also is one of them I trusted. She betrayed me for sometime but after I saved her, she never told anyone about it.

CT: Was the relationship with you and your dad good or bad?

JF: It was really good. He always got right to the point and always loved me. He thought of me first before anything else and was there to support me though everything. We had some ups and downs like when he told me about the accident. I was a little and bit then I put it away and still loved him like always. I have always loved him and will further on love him.

Thank you so much,Jenna. That's all the time we have,bye.

National News- Get the Latest Updates Right Away

I have just got the news from the FSEB and they after all have decided to loosen up the rules on what it takes or means to be a human. Though they still have some rules to what you need to be a human. Like you must have at least 8% or more of yourself, you have to have real skin(even if it's not yours). These are minor rules, so they people can handle these ruled. After hearing this live telecast, I think the people will be happy that the FSEB has changed those brutal rules because when people are dying, the FSEB should be there to help. A human is a person with real skin, heart beating, and identity. People should be allowed a lot of help if needed through a crisis. Though they shouldn't get everything everytime. There should be a limit but not a minimized limit. I think that each person should have 500 points in their lifetime. From a brain surgery,to cancer. The FSEB should help through all of those things. When they reach 500 points in their lifetime, then the FSEB should stop giving them as much help as they used too. The FSEB should give them a bit of help. Suppose if someone from the FSEB gives a person more help after they have crossed their 500 points, then the consequences will be harsh. The consequences will go more to the person from the FSEB becasue they work for it and are only allowed to help a certain amount. They will possibly be hung to death or banished from the FSEB. The government will give the consequences.

Read and please take a moment to Honor the lives of these people who have passed away and what they did for us.

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