Live Life, A Farmers Way


ValMeadow is a very environmentally friendly city with lots of trees and natural parks. We grow all our food naturally, which leaves us nice and healthy vegetables, which are then shipped to your local farmers markets. ValMeadow is known for its large size yet its ability to keep its self maintained and beautiful. Houses are out into small neighborhoods which allows you the benefit of a nice and peaceful living, with yet a heart warming scenery.


Urban Land Use

ValMeadow's transportation system does not include a lot of cars. As we are a farmers city, we usually walk distances, especially since we have plazas and markets near every neighborhood. Also, there is not a lot of roads due to the dirt roads we provide in our city. As for commercial uses, we provide malls and large areas where you can shop for all of your needs. Buses and trains do stops to the local malls so you don't have to walk a long distance. ValMeadow also includes it's urban part of the city, also know as our downtown area, as the majority of it is farmers land. We include beautiful and spacey condos, and large business opportunities. ValMeadow includes many activities in it's society such as; Badminton, Swimming, Canoeing, and a favorite of ours, Fishing. ValMeadow has a lot of the freshest lakes and breath taking parks for you and your family to enjoy. Hotels and retirement homes are all comforting and confident enough to make sure you and your loved ones are at great care. As for homes, we provide beautiful homes with your best scenery. A lot of job opportunities come and go in every field of careers, ensuring you the opportunity of getting that dream job you've always wanted. As for fields of careers, we provide top class colleges and universities with experienced professors to make sure you get your diploma. Many students come from around the world to attend our campuses. For students in high school and lower have the best education systems that ensures your children the learning experiences they deserve. All high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools are in walking distance from your neighborhood. In conclusion, ValMeadow is well on top on our urban land use that will ensure that you have the best living experience in this beautiful city.