4th Quarter Coaching Cohort

End the Year an a High Note

What can coaching do for you?

What was your TKES goal for the year? Are you moving toward meeting that goal or do you still have some work to do? Is there an area that you would like to improve upon for your second formative evaluation?

Are you ready to implement your PBL and want some help?

Are you ready to implement TAG strategies and want help?

Join this year's final coaching cohort!

What Does Coaching Entail?

  • Baseline Observation
  • Goal Setting
  • Weekly Coaching Meetings (Planning, Co-Teaching, Observation & Debrief, Etc.)

I am flexible if you are unable to meet on some weeks.

  • Post Observation
  • Reflection on Teacher Growth

To Participate....

Fill out the attached Google Form below or stop by and have a conversation with Celeice. The cohort will begin on March 21st! Hope you decide to participate.

A Testimonial from a Previous Coachee

Meeting with Celeice has been an eye-opening experience! There are no “gotchas” here-just open and positive discussion about what can enhance students’ learning, as well as one’s teaching style. She has suggested numerous strategies to help increase the rigor in my classroom, which has been one of my concerns; we have analyzed lesson plans, several of which we have “kicked up a notch.” She has also introduced me to new apps and demonstrated how they work; I am excited about implementing more technological practice and assessments. It has been many years since I received this kind of opportunity-if ever (maybe at the beginning of my teaching career?). Celeice understands and can identify with the teacher’s world. She has a handle on some of the newest and coolest trends in learning, and for a language and technology geek like me, it has been enlightening and fun. This is a terrific chance for you to have a critical and beneficial one-on-one learning experience!