Working Bikes

Lee Ravenscroft By: Gavin Davis


Lee Ravenscroft created this organization in 1999 called Working Bikes. Working Bikes gathers discarded bikes and makes them new again, and donates them to people who need them. This organizations was created because there are many bikes in the world, and even the U.S, that are left discarded and unused. Bikes and change a lot of things; an individual, family, and their community. It is even a source of transportation. That can help a lot of people in many ways. This is why the organization was founded. They saw a need because using bikes can be a source of energy if you hook it up. This could help many communities throughout the world. It also provided towing for cargo, transportation for many people (like I said before), and with that transportations people can bike to new jobs and earn more money.


The stroy behind Working Bikes was to help people in many ways. It was to make sure that people had the chance to help themselves/family/ their community by traveling places to earn money or obtain food. They easiest way for them is bikes. That was one apart of the story behind the creation of Working Bikes. To help people survive.

Connections with Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

This person is similar to my entrepreneur because this person loves to help the community. She made biotech to also help citizens in India obtain good medicine. This person is different from my entrepreneur because he does volunteering. My person does not do that.