A overview of LAN and WAN networks

Local Area Network (LAN)

A Local Area Network is used in smaller private areas, such as homes, schools, or personal business areas. It is used to connect computers together, allowing the transfer of data between all of the connected devices. LAN does not appear on the Internet, so no-one is allowed to join your Local Area Network if you are hosting it.

Advantages: Private, and easy to set-up.

Disadvantages: A LAN can only hold a limited amount of people within a radius.

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Wireless Area Network (WAN)

A wireless area network consists of multiple LAN networks joined together. This can be used in areas like schools which have more than one site (physical, not virtual) and wish to store data together. WAN cannot be joined by infiltrators, so only people connected to your LAN will be able to have access.

Advantages: Private, Secure.

Disadvantages: Not necessarily reliable, especially if a server connecting the multiple LAN's downs.

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