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June 17, 2020

End of Year Edition

Principal's Message

Dear Families,

Even though today marks the 180th day of the school year, it sure doesn't feel like it. In some respects, it feels as if we can't possibly be at the endpoint of the school year, given the amount of time spent outside the walls of Haynes. On the other hand, the remote learning experience and everything that goes along with such a dramatic pivot, amidst a global health crisis, may cause us to be certain we've been in school far past the required school year endpoint.

As we draw to a close the most unexpected experience public education has seen in our lifetime, I am mindful of the significant impact this spring has had on our school, our students, our families and our staff. As parents, you navigated becoming on-site tutors, coordinating efforts through a screen with your child's teachers. At the same time, you were adjusting your own lives, setting up makeshift home offices or managing the risk associated with your roles as essential workers, all while helping make sure your children continued to learn. As partners with our extraordinary teaching team, you helped model for your children what flexibility, adaptability and creative problem-solving are all about. As we look toward the summer, we have the gift of time to carefully reflect on what worked well for our students and families, and where we can change or grown ahead of our September return. Your feedback along the way and ahead will continue to assist in this growth.

The end of the year brings with it the departure of some staff members, all of whom have made our school a better place for students. AGUSTINA HARMON leaves us after working as our Thursday Spanish teacher. We thank Ms. Harmon for guiding our students on a journey through Spanish language and culture. KELLY SULLIVAN will be leaving Haynes but not going far, as she will join Sudbury’s integrated preschool program at Noyes this fall. Ms. Sullivan’s care for our youngest students will continue in Sudbury. After the better part of a decade, LEXIE DELPONTE will move to Curtis to help support the growing middle school Partners program. We are lucky to continue to benefit from Ms. Delponte's skill and experience. LISA BARSHAK has brought experience, positivity and love of children to our Steps program for the last two years. Our students have benefitted from the care and devotion Ms. Barshak has shown them. MARY LANCE helped steer our fifth graders through a tumultuous year of remote learning, leveraging her skills in mindfulness to enhance their academic experience. We are grateful for her leadership and expertise in these areas, and sharing her gifts with us. KIM BURGESS has helped dozens of Haynes kindergarteners fall in love with school and strive for excellence over the last few years. Ms. Burgess's positive energy and dedication to making our school better has been a gift. MELISSA NASH has enhanced the lives of her students both in and out of the classroom, forging bonds with her students and partnering with families to assure the absolute best for the students in front of her, making sure that every child was seen, heard and known.

We congratulate outgoing HOP Co-Chair EMILY AMICO on the end of her two-year term and extend our gratitude for her leadership on behalf of the families of Haynes. We also thank School Council Parent Representative STEPHANIE LAPAT for her work during her two years on the Council.

At this time of year we typically plan for a public acknowledgment to recognize the countless parents who volunteer their time and talent to enhance the life of the school. To those of you who helped shelve books, chaparone field trips, coordinate festivals or plan events--regardless of whether or not they were able to take place--Haynes is grateful to you!

In the weeks ahead the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Sudbury Public Schools and Haynes School will be planning for our return to school in September. I am grateful for your partnership, patience and support as we worked to navigate this together.

Wishing you the best for a summer of rest and rejuvenation!


Jeff LaBroad


One Last School Meeting Share

Fifth Grader Nathan Ly never got the chance to share his piano piece at one of our school meetings before our building closure. On his last day at Haynes, please enjoy Nathan's performance!

Supply List

Grade level student school supply lists are now available on our website. Remember, you can order a complete set of these supplies through HOP. Click here for more.

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Extensions for summer learning have been posted on sudburystudents.org. You will find many rich resources on this site, including summer reading and mathematics links, SEL activities, and science explorations. We hope that you will enjoy exploring the site and continuing the learning.

Food Pantry Collection June 19

Friday, June 19

1:00-3:00 p.m.

Our Lady of Fatima Church, 160 Concord Road

For this last collection of the year, Sudbury elementary schools are teaming up to collect together in the parking lot at Our Lady of Fatima (160 Concord Rd). We will direct you where to drop off your donations and volunteers will then do the sorting. For those who need to drop off prior to that day, there will be a box at 200 Mossman Road.


Wednesday, June 17 - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

10:00-3:00 Student Belongings Pickup & Materials Dropoff (by appointment)

Friday, June 19

1:00-3:00 June Food Pantry Collection

Monday, August 17

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Wednesday, September 2

First Day of School

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