Komodo Dragon

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Komodo Dragon Behavior

Komodo Dragons spend there day usually on the hunt. Since they are solitary animals they have no interactions with other dragons unless its mating season. Komodo Dragons have been noted to be day animals usually ranging from around 6:30 am to around 5:00pm. Komodo Dragons when they are not hunting are very good swimmers, tree climbers, and diggers (for burrows). Komodo Dragons have also mastered the art of "Thermo-regulation", thermo regulation is the process of keeping the Komodo Dragon in the right temperature. They have apadapted over the years to do things like dig burrows, and use "Gular fluttering" or "hyoid panting" in cases of extreme overheating.

Komodo Dragon Symbiotic Relationship

Komodo Dragons have one the biggest symbiotic relationships in all of the animal kingdom. The dragon's mouth is a breeding ground for 50 to 80 kinds of rich pathogenic bacterial flora. The Dragons teeth provide a suitable homes for the biofilm formation and nourishment. The bacteria in turn strengthen the Dragons immune system and are most notable for the Dragons success in hunting. The deadly cocktail of bacteria from its teeth and toxin from its saliva renders the prey dead in merely a few days.This ultimately means the bacteria that in exchange for a place to live, kill the Komodo Dragons prey benefiting both of them.