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By stefano trentin

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Behind the girl in gray was a big window and you could see we were in a bubble way high up over the moon. Down on the ground, tourists were riding big proteins across the craters. All the stars were out. (3.7)


Huh. We're having a hard time getting a visual here, because how in the world you ride on a protein? Does that mean some of those steaks from the meat farm are romping around with people on their backs? Or people are zooming over those craters in glasses of milk? We have no clue, and really—it doesn't matter. The whole point is that it's high-tech, and that's enough. The new tech is the main point of this quote and it relates to our development in 2016 and what could possibly exist in the future.

Discussion leader

.does any one find the book being dull and repetitive ?
. What do you notice about the chapter titles? How well do they reflect what is happening in the book?

The book is very repetitive with the idea and content
chapter titles kind of give away the next parts of the book
Book overall is boring
Repetitive explicit content
Sort of reflects our ways of living in 2016
Technology is a big idea




Connecting feed to the real word !

Technology is going to take over soon. Day by day humans are using more technology and becoming more attached to each peace of technology. Just like In feed they are so intertwined with there feed it is almost natrual. Our phones for example is becoming so natrual to the human race and some people can't live with out it. Slowly we are going to be come a race who cannot live with out this technology just like in the novel Feed. That's the connection

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I picked this photo because it relates to the novel at this point. Every one is in the hospital and desperate to go out and party.

Why would they want to party ?

Who wants to sit down in a hospital for so long and not do anything. This picture shows that most teens in this generation and the generation to come will be impatient and wanting to do bad things like party and drink. This picture shows that even spending a day or two in a place with no fun can make you want to go out and party

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