Can you Benefit From Video Games?

---------By: Jonathan Salnave--------

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Five Essential Questions

SS: How different genres bind to different skills (violent games, platformers, first person shooters,etc)

SCIENCE: How does the brain organize/control your actions to attain goals? How does the reward center of the brain work with the control center or organizer?

SCIENCE: Does your hand-eye coordination improve depending on what game is being played?

SS: What effect does the first person shooter have on the mentality of the average 11-14 year old?

MATH: How much do your skills actually improve after playing games as compared to before you started gaming?

Survey Results

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All About Me

My name is Jonathan Samuel Salnave, this dashing handsome young child was born May 27 2004, in Elmont NY and as of right now I'm 12 years old. My interests are in basketball, and most art related projects. I'm the youngest of 3 children and currently have two parents.
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