Patricia Polacco

Isaiah Suarez's Author Study

Central Idea Statement

Patricia Polacco wrote books starting in 1972 at her home to entertain kids.

Summary of Polacco

Patricia Polacco was born in Lansing, Michigan in 1944 but moved to Coral Gables, Florida in 1949. Her grandmother (Babushka) died when she was 5 and when she was three her parents got divorced. She had some hardships growing up like dyslexia that she found out she had when she was 14. She is unemployed and usually spends her free time roaming the world.

Synthesized Information

Writing Style:

Most of her books are figurative language like in Thank you, Mr. Falker, Pink and Say, and in Christmas Tapestry.


The three books that I choose all had something to do with love and hope. For example in Christmas Tapestry they didn't give up on using the tapestry for covering the hole in the wall, in Thank you, Mr. Falker, Mr. Falker never gave up on Trisha, and in Pink and Say, Pink and Say never gave up on hope for the war.


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