bucket list:1

rock climbing

mountain erosion

how:this mountain was formed by weathering and erosion. the type of erosion that happen to the canyon on the middle (Brice canyon) was formed by ice slipping into the cracks of the rocks then freezing causing the water to expand and crack the rock

when:this type of erosion can take millions of years.

Brice canyon

rock climbing

if i was to go rock climbing i would want to go to the picture on the right. it would probably be the best to climb given that this is the flat surface it would be easy to just ascend and descend and in my opinion it looks the most beautiful out of the 3
Bryce Canyon National Park

swimming with small turtles in the gulf of mexic

the reason i would do this is because the sand is so white and clean. this is because after years and years of waves the rock as gotten worn down and in to a fine white sand
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budgie jumping Brice canyon cliff

the reason is because the cliff is so narrow you would only need a platform to jump. the reason is the wind and water have been eroding it because the wind and rain blow the rock off and away from this cliff
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wing suiting over new york

the reason why i picked this is because the when i'm falling i will most likely have a very nice view over the city. the type of erosion that happens here is chemical because of the acid rain
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dolphin boating

this would cause erosion because when the dolphin boat moves through the water it creates caves that erode the sand
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Robotic Dolphin and Flying Water Car - In 4K! With Jetovator and Seabreacher