Nurse Anesthetists

By: Mackenzie Whittaker


1. Assess patients medical histories.

2. Select, Order, Oradminister Anesthetics, Drugs, Blood Products.

3. Prepare prescribed solutions and administer procedures.

4. Develop anesthesia care plans.

5. Obtain informed constent from paitents.

Working Conditions

1.Risks factors of infections.

2.RIsk of patients healthcare.

3.Occupational injuries.

4.Infections among staff.

5.infectionous Disease.

Degree/Certificate/Training necessary

Training necessary:

~Health Professions

~Instructional Programs


~Postsecondary Majors

Yearly Salery Range & State

State: Arkansas

Yearly Range: $85,690 to $174,360

Mackenzie Whittaker

Period 7

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