Boys and Girls sports together

BY: Coach Steve French

Should Boys and Girls play sports together?

When adults or other coaches ask me if I would ever let a girl play on my football team I always look at them funny because why should that even be a question. I know many girls that could compete with and against any boys. Yes, we all know boys are faster and stronger, but that's not the only thing you need to play football or really any sport. Girls are less likely to get hurt then boys. They have better endurance then boys and don't get up as easily. It would be difficult for traveling when girls have to change in a different locker room, but that isn't a huge problem. If girls chose to play on a boys team they should be treated equally. Just as if a boy wanted to play on a women's team. Most people look down on girls and see them and never being good enough for boys sports, and I hope for that to change soon.

Differences between Boys and Girls

Boys and Girls are different in a lot of ways but the same in lots of ways. Boys can get more muscle and bigger than girls, but girls can most defiantly run faster than boys. People say that boys are better than girls in everything, but that is not true. It all depends on how hard one girl or boy works. If a girl trained and practiced everyday and a boy sat around and practiced only when he had to, then the girl would be better than then boy. Girls have more endurance so they don't give up as easily as boys. Girls try to work harder and compete with boys. Boys are bigger and would be scared to tackle or wrestle a girl because they wouldn't want to hurt them, but girls know the consequences of joining a boy sport, so boys should do what they would do to another boy. That's equal for boys and girls.
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