Dinaric Alps

Gina Hasher

Physical Characteristics;

Location: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia.

Size: 645 kilometres

Characteristics: rugged & extensively mountainous; immense lateral pressures folded and overthrust the rocks in a great arc, therefore creating the Dinaric Alps

Dinaric Alps effects on people

-people in the Dinaric Alps are said to be the tallest people in the world (because they are at higher altitude, therefore gravity pulls on their spines and thus making them taller.)

-people can go hiking or trekking for free

-there's skiing

-people can go paragliding


The connection between human & physical geography in the Dinaric Alps is that people can sell produce & barder, which would come from farming and/or what they grow on the land.

Montenegro : Durmitor National Park