Immune system and Digestive system

Christine Bigelow & David Palmer

The Immune system

The Immune system protect People from different germs .the immune system helps us stay healthy and fights bacteria. it help preventing infection. Also it made up of organs, tissues and cells. the two types of leukocytes are phagocytes and lymphocytes. The phagocytes cells that chew up the organ that don't belong there. The Lymphocytes cells that makes the body remember the bad one and help the body kill them. There are many fact about immune system one is there are different germs that affect us then other species. One example is that hiv/aids effect us but not cats or dogs.

The digestive System

The digestive systems is multiple organ and take care of waste . Your digestive helps you digest your food and drinks. your stomach grows after eat its digesting your food. The throat leads to the digestive system and also the mouth .The stomach holds ever single of the digestive system. The digestive three part their is head and neck , Upper Torso , Lower Torso. some problem of the digestive is heartburn. The other problems is gas , stomach pains and stomach cramps

The same in the Immune and Digetive system

They both help your body work . The immune system helps the digestive system from illness. They work together to protect your body from potential invaders
Immune Response to Bacteria
The digestion process - What happens to your food as it travels through your body until it exits?