Acting: The Most Amazing Job To Me

An Intro to the World of Acting

What Is Acting?

Acting is the art or occupation of performing in plays, movies, or television productions. But to me, acting is way more. I chose this career because I don't have a fear of speaking in front of people, and I really enjoy providing entertainment by singing and dancing. By choosing this career, I get to do all the things I love, and get paid! Actors tend to audition for roles and perform music and comedic/dramatic performances for the public, all of which I love to do. Actors' also need to have high levels of competition (which I totally have) and they need to be able to work with a team (which I prefer to do). Based on this information, I think acting is the job for me!

What Do Actors Do?

Basic Information About Acting

Are you not a fan of school, and you're not planning to go to college for long, or at all? That's okay!! It is not required for a person to have a college degree to get into the acting business. (But it would look good on your résumé)

Another cool thing about acting is that there are 79,000 actors in the United States, which of most get paid $11.80/hour. What? Were you expecting crazy amounts of money? Well, your in luck, Some actors get paid $50.39. (But that takes a while to work up to). Also, the future for acting is rising! There are predictions that the average number of actors will rise by 4.1%. I also agree that the average is going to rise because more and more kids are being exposed to theater at a young age. The kids are liking what they're doing, and they continue enjoying it for the rest of their lives. Who knows? Maybe you could be walking down the red carpet one day!

I Like The Arts, But I'm Not Into Acting. Are There Other Jobs For Me?

Not into acting, but like to draw, read, write, sing, or dance? That's perfectly okay! There are plenty of other careers related to acting. Some examples of closely related careers are costume designers, directors, dancers, editors, authors, and artists. What will you do?