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Selecting Wedding Suits for Men

When it comes to selecting a wedding suit for themselves, men prefer to go for the tried and tested, rather than paying attention to their outfit. Thus, they often end up looking as if they’re wearing business suits rather than a wedding suit. While the day belongs to the bride – undoubtedly – and people will observe her outfits more than the bridegroom’s, that does not entail men to neglect their wedding suits.

The most popular recourse men resort to is to rent a tuxedo for the day – especially since they only plan to wear it for some hours. Yes, this thought certainly has its merits – it is cheaper than having a new suit made, it is faster to obtain and it is even easier to discard or return later. But is this really the type of memory you want to retain – years down the line – about the outfit you wore for your wedding? Besides, it is worthwhile to remember that the rented tuxedo was a part of several men’s wedding days and as such, could look dated, worn and downright shabby. Consider the advice you plan to give to your son on his wedding day – that you rented a tuxedo and so should he? It would make you feel quite foolish. It would be wiser to give him your wedding suit – something that has your imprint – instead.

The safest advice to follow for a wedding suit is to buy a black coloured, three piece suit – and preferably, one that has been tailor made after taking all your measurements properly. Wool remains the safest bet, when it comes to selecting a fabric for your wedding suit. Ensure that you spend more money on the tailoring aspect of your suit rather than on your accessories because a well-fitting suit will make you look (and feel) like a million bucks – on a very special day for you.

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