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May 2, 2016

A Week in Review

We had another great week at SBMS. It truly took teamwork and positive attitudes to make this week such a success. Our fun filled week started Wednesday when we celebrated the academic success of our students with the PRIDE event on base and a cook out at the park. This event was organized by Tiffany and Carrie! A huge shout out to each of you for your attention to detail and making this event great. All of you who chaperoned, drove a bus, grilled the food, covered a class and assisted in any way, a huge Thank You!!!

Thursday we celebrated our 8th graders with their dance, The 8th grade team did a fabulous job at planning, decorating and chaperoning the event. A huge thank you to the entire 8th grade team and those teachers in others grades who came out to support the event. The kids had loads of fun and looked stunning. I believe Ms. Getsinger danced down the "Soul Train Line" and Ms. Meyer and Mrs. O'Brien out danced the students on the dance floor.

We ended the week with a trip to Carowinds for our top PRIDE students. A huge shout out again to Tiffany, Carrie and Mr. Mabry for making this event a huge hit for the kids. Also much thanks to Mr. Amenta and Mrs. Zimmerman for driving the bus for 11 hours and chaperoning the kiddos in the park. Each of you were uplifting, positive and young at heart! The kids loved having you on the trip.

Great Article on School Climate

This is a timely article on school climate. It is great and short read. This article requires self reflection and ownership in school climate.

A few things this week

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week! We celebrate each of you and all you do!

Monday - Gift in box

Tuesday - Lunch provided by parents

Thursday - Breakfast provided by administration

Also, we will have a lock down drill this Thursday at about 8 am. Please go over the procedures with your students and prepare them for the event.

I have had a few questions in regards to sick leave, personal leave and annual leave. I have attached Onslow County School Policy 7510 for your review. If you have any questions please see Sherry Lee or Principal Childress.


May 2 - Mabry and Howard - All day AP meeting

May 5 - Childress - Meeting at county office 2:30-5:00

May 17 - Principal Meeting - Childress 8:30-11:30

May 18 - Test Training - After school - EVERYONE MUST ATTEND!!! TA, teachers, custodians, support staff, admin, counselors, EVERYONE!!!!

May 19 - Planning Period Meetings

May 31 - Principal Meeting - Childress 8:30-11:30

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May 2 - Baseball AWAY @ NWPM

May 3 - Baseball AWAY @ Trexler

May 4 - Wrestling Mat Dedication 2pm

May 5 - Baseball HOME vs Southwest

May 10 - Baseball AWAY - Dixon


May 2 - Students check out only 1 book

May 5 - National Day of Prayer at the Flagpole 7am

May 5 - Lockdown drill 8 am

May 5 - School showing Ella Ever After - 1:00 - See Mrs. V for details

May 6 - 5th graders visit SBMS - See Tiffany and Carries for questions

May 6-7 - SBMS Musical

May 11-13 - 8th Grade field trip

May 16 - Band Concert

May 16 - Onslow View Awards - 4-6 SBHS - We will honor the following nominees from SBMS Arts TOY – Mr. Borge, Global TOY – Ms. Matras, Tech Savvy TOY– Mr. Cole, AVID TOY – Ms. Styons, STEM – Mr. Brown, Support TOY – Mrs. Mitchell

May 17 - Poetry Slam 5-7 Auditorium

May 18 - Getsinger WH class to Parkwood Elementary all day

May 18 - Test training after school - 2:30 Required for all staff

May 18 - last day for student book checkout

May 18 - JNHS End of Year Banquest - 6:00-7:30

May 20 - All library books due

May 23 - Orchestra Concert

May 24 - Chorus Concert

May 25-26 - EOC Exams - NO IEPs or parent conferences scheduled

May 26 - Athletic Banquet 6-8

May 27 - Couseling Coffee Corner

May 27 and 31 - make up exam

May 26 - Athletic Awards Banquet

May 30 - HOLIDAY

May 31 - Swansboro District level awards night

June 1-2 - NCFE - No IEPS or Parent teacher conferences

June 2 - All grade levels Science

June 3 - All grade level CTE and 6th grade SS NCFE

June 3 - Free physical for students @ SBHS

June 6 - 6th grade SS and Math 1 EOC

June 7 - Make ups

June 7 - Last Day of School - 8-9:30 Transition ceremony 8th graders; 10-11:30 - 7th grade awards ceremony; 12-1:30 - 6th grade awards ceremony

June 8-14 - Workdays - June 8 and June 9 are LOCKED IN!!!

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