Week in Review

November 11, 2013

Hi everyone,

I hope each of you were able to enjoy the great weather we had this weekend.

Last week I spent quite a bit of time working with an architectural firm which specializes in academic libraries. As you may remember, Kim Oatman and I presented a range of different renovation/construction options to the Board at their retreat in September in order to get a sense of what direction they would like to see us go. These options included the original new building concept from several years ago down to a set of different annexes to Waterfield. Because these options were so rushed to get to the Board, Kim and I have been working with this architectural firm in order to generate some concept renderings of what an annex could look like. None of this is in any way set in stone; we should have a better sense of direction after the December Board meeting. At that point, when I know more about where we may be going, I'll share that with everyone.

Last Thursday I visited our regional campus in Hopkinsville in order to speak to the Regional Outreach Advisory Board. Part of my presentation was on developing better ways for the university to offer internships that match the needs of regional businesses and non-profits. The opportunity for students to get hands-on experience in their chosen fields before graduating helps them solidify the knowledge they are learning in the classroom, and helps them network for employment after graduation. The University Libraries are going to be participating more in this arena as well, working with faculty in the academic departments to establish a Library Internship Program. Dieter already has two of these in place for the spring semester for Pogue Library, working in conjunction with the History department. This is one more way to demonstrate the University Libraries as contributing to the teaching and learning mission of the university.

Many of you are aware of the stolen (and returned) smartphone issue last week. In that instance, a university employee was accused of stealing the phone because the student had asked the employee to watch it while it was on one of our charging stations. We are coming into the time of the semester when thefts become more of a problem, especially once book buy-back starts. Please be sensitive and aware of this issue. Do not place yourself in a position where you could be accused of stealing, and help students realize that if they leave their belongings to go to the restroom or to get a cup of coffee, their stuff may be stolen.

Have a great week,