Beauty and the Beast

The musical history and future

Beauty and the beast

Beauty and the beast is a story of a prince that was transformed into a hideous beast as a punishment for his self-fish a cruel manners. An young and adventurous girl name belle who he imprisons in his castle. To become human again, the beast needs to earn Belle's true love before its to late.


*The musical "Beauty and the Beast" has been around the world 1994-2013!

*This musical has been on broadway 5,461 performances between 1994-2007.

*The musical made more than $1.4 billion worldwide and played in thirteen countries and 115 cities.

*the production uses 81 wigs, 67 LED lights on the magic mirror, 580 costume pieces, and a lot of things on there production.

*A traditional fairytale first published in france in the mid-18th century.

TOP 2 actors and 2 songs

Belle- Hilary Maiberger

Beast-Darick Pead


2.the Mob song

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by Sydney LoCoco & bryce strickland