Wichita State Traditions


Shocktoberfest began as a picnic sponsored by the Alumni Association that took place on one day during Homecoming week. In 1979, this picnic was referred to as the Pre-Game Homecoming Picnic. Over the years, the picnic grew from being just food and drinks before the game to being one of the biggest parties on campus. In addition to the event’s activities growing and changing over the years, so did the name for the picnic.
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Wichita State University has many fine traditions but most pale in comparison to the rich history of HIPPODROME. This event has endured the test of time and remains one of the oldest campus traditions in the nation.
Now entering its 86th year, Hippodrome has undergone many changes. Hippodrome first appeared in 1928 where students and organizations were invited to enter a stunt competition for a ten dollar prize. Today, students participate in skit competitions and special attractions, both of which showcase the many talents our students have on campus.
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Welcomefest is a two-week series of events at the beginning of each semester that includes entertainers, crafts, and other programming to welcome students back to a new semester of school. Events are sponsored by student groups and campus departments.
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