Animal Farm

Brooke Glasgow


Napoleon was selfish. He didnt care about the animals or commandments, he just wanted to be in control and make rules that would help himself. Napoleon was also decieving. He tricked the animals into thinking that snowball was never on their side. "Our leader, Comrade Napoleon, Father of all animals", is what the animals called him. I think Napoleon looks big and mean.

Equality ( or lack thereof )

At the beginning, "All animals are equal" was one of the commandments. But after the animals won the rebellion, that changed. Napoleon tookover and was looked at as a higher figure than the rest of the animals. He changed the commandments to suit his own needs.


The rebellion was when the animals rebelled against humans. They fought Mr.Jones off the farm. The farm was taken over by the animals and was named "Animal Farm".


Fredrick symbolized Hitler because he made a trade with the animals, but broke the trade and cheated them.