Backup Plan

Everyone has to have on backup plan. If something happens you need one. I have two just in case, they are pilot and director/actor. This may come out of no where but my education from being an astronaut will come in handy by being pilot because they kind have the same education. And I also like starring in my big brothers movies (not world wide just at home).
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Personal Strengths

I choose this career because a girl that became an astronaut inspired me to. She made me think that I can do ANYTHING! I also have this skills active listening, good science skills, and strong math skills there will help me to get this job.

Education and Training

You will need a Bachelor's degree (4 years of training) for this job or most people have one for this job. The most important subjects for this job are science and math. This are my favorite subjects too.

Work Environment

I would be really active doing this job. I will work at an office and outdoors. I will sometimes travel and stay in one place. This job will be REALLY stressful because it will be hard solving really hard problems and I like EVERY thing complete. I will work with people, animals, and technology.
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I will make 105,440$ per year (that's a lot of money) and 50.69 hourly. I like money do YOU?
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Job Outlook

Finally, the outlook the future for this career is +24 jobs will be available only in Georgia. YAY!!!


About ME!!!

I am in Mrs.Tucker's class. She is the best teacher YAY!! Also My dream job (Astronaut) Cluster is STEM YAY!! or Science technology Engineering math.
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