Don't Delay Or You'll Pay

The Solution To School Tardies

The Problem

Students are being late to class and since the consequences are not enforced, students continue to be late to class.

7/10 People that were asked admitted to being late to at least 1 class at least once a week.

What's The Big Deal?

  • Student interrupts class disrupting the learning process.

  • Students miss important class information leading to bad grades.

  • Being late creates a bad habit for the student.

  • Disrespect towards the teacher and causes for them to be in a bad mood.

  • Students begin to lose privileges in class.

The Solution

Every time a student arrives to class late, a bill charging $100 will be sent to the students family.

The police has the right to hold the parents in custody until the district receives their payment.

Benefits of Charging $100 For Being Late

1. Student becomes disciplined and organized creating professional habits which will assist them in their future.

2. The money received would be used for educational purposes and improving technology throughout the district therefore benefiting the students.

3. Students earn respect from their teachers and their peers.


For more information on the benefits of being on time, follow the link below.

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