Principal's Update

November 16, 2015

Safety Reminder

While we all do our best to supervise students throughout the day, the admin team thought we should send out a few reminders for all of us to consider as we move towards the holidays.

1. Make sure your classroom door is locked at all times when you are teaching.

2. Make sure you move into the center of the halls (or wherever your assigned spot is) during class changes. Your visibility is a great reassurance to students that you are ready to receive them and that you are there if needed.

3. Make sure students move to the blue line area after they have been to their lockers during class changes. Expecting students to line up on the blue line across from your classroom doors at every class change allows organization to happen in the hall and deters kids from standing in groups. It also helps the adults be able to see down the hallways if assistance is needed.

4. Students should not be in the hallways working on work unless they are supervised.

Thanks for the great job you do every day with supervision and for covering for each other when you notice an area that needs help. Please let one of the administrators know if you see a needed change or area that is uncovered during class changes.

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Middle School Reading Program

A few academies will look a bit different from the others second semester. Mrs. McLean, Mrs. Fletcher, Mrs. Gaskin, Dr. Klaeren, Ms. McKay, and Mrs. MItchell (resource teacher) have all participated in Fountas and Pinnell training and will receive LLI (Reading Kit) training in the coming weeks. This is all in an effort to catch our below grade level readers and provide small group reading instruction to get them back on grade level. The district instruction department and special education department have generously offered some reading resources that will be of great benefit to these students. The teachers named above will use the materials and training to impact 6th grade students during academy times in groups of six. Look and listen for more information to come as we kick this initiative off in January.

Calendar for this week

Tuesday November 17

Make-up pictures in the auditorium

Department Meetings after school

Thursday November 19

7th Grade National History Day Projects in the gym (2-3:30)

We will have district judges for the projects. 6th and 7th graders will do PE/ Health in designated classrooms so gym can be free for displays.

Special thanks to the 7th grade teachers for taking on this project for us and for the hard work teaching and getting the displays of learning ready!

Basketball scrimmage games- Boys at home and girls away

Thanksgiving Break- November 25-29

8th Grade Community Projects- Coming Soon!

Our students can do amazing things! Soon, we will all be hearing more about the 8th grade community projects that are a part of our IB MYP program. These projects will be the culmination of both the IB MYP program and our influence on our family of students as they learn to serve and make our community a better place. The video below shows a student about the same age as our eighth graders and demonstrates what creativity, compassion, and service can do if we only provide the space and opportunity for our kids to flourish. I cannot wait to see what our students decide to do through their community projects!
Brian M. Wong - His Community Service Projects