Grease 2014

Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough

Movies Hough was in:

  • Footloose (dance movie)
  • Burlesque (musical/dance)
  • Safe Haven
  • Rock of Ages (musical)

Julianne was the lead role in Footloose, Safe Haven and also Rock of Ages. She is a professional dancer and was 4th place in Dancing with the Stars. She has played both a good girl, as well as a bad girl.

Triple Threat Score:

Dancing: 10

Singing: 8

Acting: 10

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Kenny Wormald

Movies Wormald was in:

  • Footloose (dance movie)
  • Center Stage: Turn it up (dance movie)
  • Caveman
  • You Got Served (dance movie)

Kenny Wormald was the lead dancer in Footloose and Center Stage. He is a very good actor for the "bad boy" role. He also can shape up into a good boy very well. He is also a professional dancer, and teaches at the JUMP conventions.

Triple Threat Score

Singing: 7

Dancing: 10

Acting: 9