Hurricane Katrina


Hurricane Katrina cost $60 billion dollars because of its destruction mainly in Louisiana, plus the other states that were affected. It wasn't just buildings. It was reconstruction, hospital bills, death certificates, etc. The Gulf Of Mexico states also cost lots of money to repair.
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Hurricane Katrina death toll: 1,836

Hurricane Katrina was rated the 3rd most deadly hurricane on records. The reason so many people died in Louisiana at least is because the levees (an embankment built to prevent the overflow of a river) broke, which caused flooding and death by drowning. Many people also died of injury or trauma.

(Below is a picture of a levee in Missouri)

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After the storm, approximately 80% of New Orleans was under water or flooded. This led to disease, drowning, storm surge, destruction of houses and buildings, and decrease in population. Flooding was not only terrible in New Orleans, but any where around it to.

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Well, I hope that you learned something about Hurricane Katrina and how bad hurricanes are in general. Always stay safe when it comes to hurricanes. Don't underestimate them.

Tyler Schaper