Bailey Wright


A lot of deserts are located in Asia. Many deserts are found in bands along 30 degrees latitude north and 30 degrees south.

General characteristics

Desert are very dry, hot, and they get a lot of sunlight. A desert has never got more than 15 inches of rain fall in one year. A desert has a lot of sand, dirt, rocks, and very little water.

Weather and Climate

The desert has a arid climate, they average to have less than 10 percent of rain fall in a year. They have exceeded over 100 degrees in the summer but it goes down 20-30 degrees at night. Weather is not the same in all deserts. But the desert get a lot of wind


The tempature can range from -5 to 75 degrees. Sometimes it can get down to -110


A desert usually get 3-5 inches of rainfall a year


The desert does not have mountains, canyons, bodies of water,or islands. The only thing it has is sand dunes. Sand dunes are like mountains *hills*. They are made of completely sand from being blow when the wind is blowing.


Some of the animals that live Netherlands hot desert are cold-blooded like snakes, insects, and lizard. Mammals that live in the desert are very small like the kit fox and kangaroo rat. Sometimes it is hard for the mammals to live. The mice build there houses out of fallen cactus spike. They do that so it can help them protect there self.


Desert plants have a lot of adaptions to survive in such dry environment. They are good at storing water. Like the cactus are great at storing water.