Arctic Foxes

By Kaleigh

Where do arctic foxes live?

Arctic foxes mostly live somewhere cold. You can mainly find them in Russia, Northern Europe, Iceland, Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Asia and North Amarica, and sometimes when their there they can build dens. When they live in tundras at the edge of the forest it means it's summer. I realy would'nt think that they live in Asia. Because it's realy warn in Asia.

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What do arctic foxes eat?

Arctic foxes are omnivores. They like to eat berries, voles, squarles, insects, small birds, eggs, meat, fish, bunnies, and lemmings. sometimes they eat things as larg as they are. Arctic foxes rip up their prey with their teeth and sometimes their claws. It's realy obvious that their very good hunters.

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How do arctic foxes protect them selves?

Although some arctic foxes are small, they have very good body protection. For in an example, their white fur blends with the snow so they can sneak up on a rabbit or their prey. Even though they blend in some animals can still see them. However, they are very fast just in case one of their enemies is running at them.

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Interesting facts.

Do you know whats wierd? They love cat toys and yarn. They also really like to play. whats also wierd is that they have fur on the bottem of their feet to help protect them. They are realated to red foxes, kit foxes, and balandford foxes and they are known as polar foxes.

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