Student Standerized Dress code


Approved colors for shirts would be any solid color. No two colors on a shirt.

Shirts must be polo or oxford dress shirt in the given color requirements.Campus approved to be worn daily. No extra designs besides brand name or brand sign, must be be smaller than a 4in by 4in square.

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Approved bottoms include jumpers/skirts/skorts/pants/jeans/shorts/capris.

Color for bottoms can be any solid color no holes,ripped,torn,bleached.

Saging will not be tolerated, must be to waist line.


Any solid color belts no design plain one color.
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Jackets or other outerwear

Jackets containing gang related, sexual, or any death of any kind is not acceptable.

Any solid color or college,school sweater will be accepted.If text on jackets is another color it is fine.NO LOOPHOLES. Brand names such as Adidas,Nike etc. will be okay only if it falls within other regulations.


Any style of tennis shoe is acceptable. Gray, brown,black or white leather shoes or boots.No sandal wear of any kind or any open toe shoes.



Hairstyles must appear neat and clean. Subtle shades of natural or ethnically-acceptable hair colors and or highlights. Boys one straight part.

Unacceptable unnatural hair colors including primary colors, intermediate colors, and or metallic colors. No styles such as Mohawks, faux hawks, carvings (designs,symbols,a part that zigzags or curves, etc..) Spikes, unnatural hairstyles. Combs or picks worn in hair.


Any socks that are solid color no design, except the brand, will be okay.

Head coverings involving medical issues will be needed to have a doctors note and approved by principle.Neck ties are okay one solid color. Girls accessories such as bows,barrets ,headbands,etc. are not required to follow student authorized dress code.

Students will only be allowed to wear clothing outside of dress code on designated days authorized by the principle as a reward or motivation for the students.


Sunglasses and extreme styles of contact lenses during school hours.Chains(such as those connected to clothing ,wallets,etc.)large metal objects,teeth grills,and articles with spikes,including but not limited to dog collars.Visible body piercing except for ears.Visible, excessive tattoos that distract or take away from academic climate. Excessive earrings and excessive gauging(holes in ears)No designs are allowed on eyebrows. No scarves. Jewelry referring to school, profanity,drugs,sex,violence,gang membership or displaying obscene pictures is not permitted. PreK-4 artificial Nails and hoop earrings.