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Happy Pumpkin Season KV Worship Leaders!

October is one of my absolute favorite seasons. The smells and the comforts that come along with the yummy pies, breads, and colors just make my heart happy.

October is also a super fun season in the life of KV because we get to plan and prepare for Family Fun Fest. This year is my very first year going so I am super pumped to experience all the fun that is FFF. Another exciting thing that kicks off in the month of October is Element! As I am sure many of you know, Element is a program that KV puts on for fifth and sixth-grade students who are seeking to grow in their faith and serve in our church. One of those serve groups that students are able to choose to be a part of is the worship serve group (wohoo!). Right now we have about 25 element worship leaders and they are in the beginning stages of training. Starting in November they will be on stage with you leading worship. With that, here are a couple of helpful things to keep in mind:

1. As a worship leader, you help set the tone for the entire room you are leading in. As a result, your Element kids will be looking up to you for direction and encouragement. My hope is that each week you serve with an awareness of how you can help grow and encourage the Element worship leader that will be leading alongside you.

2. For the next few weeks, I will be going to each of the rooms to observe worship and provide you with helpful feedback. This feedback is not in any way trying to discourage or criticise, but will serve as a tool to help improve/inform the overall worship experience in each room.

3. I am so proud and grateful for each of you. I pray you know how much of impact you are making on the elementary students by getting up on stage and leading them in the worship of our Redeemer and Friend, Jesus.


One of my favorite authors is C.S . Lewis, and this summer I had the opportunity to take a three-week intensive class that centered on the life and writings of C.S Lewis himself. Out of all the brilliant and enlighting things I heard about and read from this man, there was one short yet profound quote that altered my heart in a new and fresh way. C.S Lewis writes, “There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal." When I read these words I was something deep within me shifted. I began to read it and think about it over and over and over again and then I began to ask God how my life would change if I lived in such a way that actively believed that “There are no ordinary people..." and that "I have never talked to a mere mortal." I could go on about how these profound words written by a man who loved and pursued God with his whole heart began to change my perspective and alter the way in which I started looking at, listening to, and loving people, but today I just want to leave you with that quote and challenge you to spend some time this week reading it over a few times and asking yourself these questions:

1. Sit down with a parent or a friend and ask them what it even means that “There are no ordinary people" and that "You have never talked to a mere mortal."

2. How would the way I treat people and my relationships change if I really believed that no one is ordinary?

3. How would the way I lead worship change?

4. What might the Lord be inviting me to do or change in response to this quote?

|| EQUIP ||

Please check out this fabulous video where Jordan and I provide the beginning phase of training for how to frame a worship song!
KV Worship Training #1: Framing pt. 1


3 Import things to keep in mind to best support you and this worship ministry:

1. I just want to remind each of you that I am here and available to meet with you, answer any questions you might have, discuss any concerns you might have, or just hang out and get to know you! Please don't hesitate to reach out and call or email me.

2. If you need help learning the motions to songs please check out our youtube channel (you will find the link below). Here you will find everything you need to be prepared on Sat/Sun.

3. If you need to cancel please text or call me (Shelbi Shutt) at (502) 457-3909 or email me at shelbis@friendschurchyl.com